Jeremy and Philip of Hail Reaper Highkey Obsessed

On this episode of Highkey Obsessed, Thomas is joined by Jeremy and Philip of Hail Reaper a podcast dedicated to the Red Rising Saga by Pierce Brown. They get into some of Jeremy and Philip's favorite things outside of Red Rising, draft basketball teams made up of Red Rising characters, delve into the origins of their wonderful podcast, and even have their friendship put to the ultimate test in a newlywed game lightning round.  Minor spoilers for all of the Red Rising saga throughout! If you dig what you're hearing be sure to give us a rating and review wherever you get podcasts. We welcome feedback on Instagram @highkey_obsessed_podcast and Twitter @HighkeyOPodcast. We also have a new website http://www.highkeyobsessed.com and an email highkeyobsessedpodcast@gmail.com, so pretty fancy stuff. Thanks for listening! Instagram: @highkey_obsessed_podcast Twitter: @HighkeyOPodcast.
  1. Jeremy and Philip of Hail Reaper
  2. The Jersey Devil
  3. Season Two Trailer
  4. Episode 10: An Interview with Words and Whiskey
  5. Episode 9: The Shark Attacks of 1916
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