An Interview with Expanded Perspectives Highkey Obsessed

On this episode of Highkey Obsessed, Thomas is joined by Kyle Philson and Cam Hale of Expanded Perspectives, a podcast dedicated to the strange and unusual happenings people report around the world, and much much more.  They discuss Kyle and Cam's show, Glimmer Man, Deer Man, their attitudes on the unexplained, and even a little bit beyond their paranormal interests. At the end, Thomas puts Kyle and Cam's friendship through the ultimate test, quizzing them about the other.  If you dig what you're hearing be sure to give us a rating and review wherever you get your podcasts.  We welcome feedback on Instagram @highkey_obsessed_podcast and Twitter @HighkeyOPodcast. We also have a new website http://www.highkeyobsessed.com and an email highkeyobsessedpodcast@gmail.com, so pretty fancy stuff.  Thanks for listening!  Instagram: @highkey_obsessed_podcast   Twitter: @HighkeyOPodcast.
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