National Treasure with Chris and Mike Highkey Obsessed

On today's episode of Highkey Obsessed Thomas is joined by Chris and Michael to talk about National Treasure a classic movie from their adolescence that maintains a truly special place in their heart. They discuss the best scenes, quotes, characters, and scene stealers from this movie, plus what characters from heist movies they'd have liked to see take part in the escapades here. All this and more on today's episode! If you love National Treasure you'll love this episode, but just a note, there is some swearing and a few risqué jokes so despite this being basically a children's movie, this episode probably isn't ideal for someone below Middle School age.   If you dig what you're hearing be sure to give us a rating and review wherever you get your podcasts. We welcome feedback on Instagram @highkey_obsessed_podcast and Twitter @HighkeyOPodcast. We also have a new website http://www.highkeyobsessed.com and an email highkeyobsessedpodcast@gmail.com, so pretty fancy stuff. Thanks for listening! Instagram: @highkey_obsessed_podcast Twitter: @HighkeyOPodcast
  1. National Treasure with Chris and Mike
  2. 2005 Brazilian Central Bank Heist
  3. The 2000 Stockholm National Museum Robbery, Plus a Spider-Man: No Way Home Reaction
  4. Hell or High Water with Ben Reinert
  5. Logan Lucky with Words and Whiskey
  6. The Skylight Caper
  7. The Great Train Robbery of 1963
  8. Point Break with Sean O'Connor
  9. Reservoir Dogs with Chris Hanse
  10. Agent ZigZag Eddie Chapman

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