The Incident: An Oral History

Several years ago the Earth was invaded by a hostile race of aliens known as the Chitauri led by Loki, an Asgardian who is now imprisoned by his people on their home world. This event changed the world forever. It has had far ranging consequences and revelations the world over.

It also led to the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D becoming fixtures in the public consciousness, which ultimately has led to the apparent downfall of each with the dismantling of S.H.I.E.L.D following the Battle at the Triskelion and the revelation that they had been secretly infiltrated by H.Y.D.R.A, and the United Nations’ ratification of the Sokovia Accords which severely limited the Avengers self-governance and led to the fall of Captain America and those that followed him.

The Battle of New York, or as it’s known to New Yorkers “The Incident” has changed the world forever, these are the stories of real New Yorkers who experienced the attack, and it’s direct aftermath.

*Author’s Note: Conversations have been edited for grammar and to fit into this piece.

Maurice Orzo: Postman

Saturdays are always the worst delivery days, especially once it gets to be late Spring/Early Summer, it’s hot and humid, and everyone and their mothas out on the street because their apartments feel like a sauna thats been insulated with whale blubber.

Anyway, so you know, I’m out on my route, and it’s a typical Saturday. I’m frustrated, people are clogging the sidewalk, and the building managers are giving me a hard time, despite the fact that I deliver their mail every fucking day. The usual bullshit.

Anyway, despite all this, it’s actually a pretty nice day because the Knicks are in the playoffs and I had plans to meet up with some friends and catch the Yankee game that night. All of a sudden this huge, blue stream of light comes outta the Stark Tower.

So, y’know, my first thought is “what the FUCK is that Stark guy up to?”. I was always worried about his wacky energy plans blowing up the city, and it looked like I was right.

The energy beam emanating from Stark Tower

Sgt. Silva: NYPD 

Yeah I was one of the first on the scene that day, my boys and I were trying to do whatever we could about whatever we could, but… let’s just say it was a less than ideal scenario. There’s an army of friggin aliens invading New York, and we’ve got some hand guns and squad cars.

All of a sudden this goofy looking dude dressed in blue jumps on top of my squad car and starts barking orders at me. Fat fucking chance I was taking orders from him, and I let him know it too.

Then whaddya know? Two of those aliens, the Shitari or whatever, come at the guy, and he knocks em flat. All in about five seconds.

So I figure this guy must know what he’s talking about so I give the order to clear civilians out of the effected buildings, and to set up a perimeter as far back as 39th Street.

Image captured by a fleeing civilian showing the devastation the initial Chitauri wave caused

CPL. Daniel Matthews: NYS National Guard

I joined the National Guard for a lot of reasons. I wanted to serve my country, I wanted to help make a difference, and I wanted to learn some useful skills along the way.

I absolutely did not join the National Guard expecting that one day I’d be activated to fight aliens on the streets of New York City.

I can’t tell you a ton about that day, my CO “politely” reminded me that most of that intel is still classified.

I can say that we did an outstanding job removing civilians and mitigating their casualties, it’s a shame so many people died that day, but we did the absolute best job that anyone could have.


NYS National Guard holding the line

General Abraham Hollins: NYS National Guard

Listen, nobody is more thankful to the Avengers than I am, I mean Captain America saved my life for God’s sake.

But, everyone got caught up in their side of the story.

The National Guard and the NYPD haven’t gotten nearly as much respect for our actions as we should have. You have to remember that there was absolutely no advanced warning about this thing. A war zone appeared in the middle of Manhattan in the middle of the day, the Guard was too far away to react quickly, at least in terms of evacuation, and the NYPD was outgunned in a fight like this.

A lot of Military Officers like to belittle the contributions our brothers in blue, and firefighters, emergency responders, and even the Boy Scouts for that matter, but I am eternally thankful for their efforts.

How many firefighters lost their lives crawling around blown up buildings looking for civilians? How many police officers died in firefights? How many civilians gave their lives to save one another? Without their efforts there wouldn’t have been anyone left to save, and the Avengers would have earned their name.

Once we got there, we only had to do what we do best, kicking ass.

Only, the Avengers didn’t leave much of that for us either.

You must be wondering what was left for us to do at this point? Well we had to maintain the perimeter. Sure, the Avengers handled the bulk of the fighting, but there were only seven of them, thousands of enemy combatants, and an entire island to secure.

We may not have kicked a ton of ass, but we experienced more than our fair share of the fight.

Next time you hear someone talking about how poorly the military did during the Battle of New York, just remember the brave and honorable men and women who sacrificed their lives are the only reason they’re around to say it.

Lisa Abernathy: Bank Manager

We’ve all been told by the military a thousand times “we did the best we could evacuating civilians”. Well, speaking as a civilian who wasn’t evacuated, they could have done a better job.

Those aliens had about fifty people, myself included rounded up in the lobby of the bank I worked at. I was just a teller at the time, right about to get off work when the explosions started.

The security officers locked the doors, and we enacted our emergency protocols.

You see, like most businesses in New York we had an emergency plan in place in case of terrorist attacks, and what else could this be?

Right when we had alerted our customers of the plan, an alien burst through one of the windows, quickly followed by two more. They cornered those of us in the bank into the lobby, and started bringing people in from the street.

Eventually, like I said before they had about fifty of us trapped there, probably a little more than that honestly, and were clearly planning on killing us.

Luckily, Captain America saved us. But there were only seven Avengers, and not every trapped civilian was saved that day.

Maybe I’m being unfair, but, saying the military did the best they could is bullshit.

Laura Dononwitz: Former S.H.I.E.L.D Employee

S.H.I.E.L.D always did what was necessary, not only to protect the United States, but the entire planet too.

If that involved taking out terrorists we did that, if it meant finding people with, lets say a specific skill set, we did that.

The Avengers Initiative was considered a long shot by most, and even Director Fury himself conceded that it likely wouldn’t work out. There were too many egos involved, too many unknowable varibables. We never could have anticipated Thor showing up for example, and even if we could have, we couldn’t have predicted him being willing to fight.

Basically, the hope was that Stark’s Iron Man suit, Stark himself in a [REDACTED], Captain America, and Banner’s Hulk working in cohort with S.H.I.E.L.D Agents and other military units. Would be able to destroy any threat we faced.

The plan was of course [REDACTED].



And for reasons that don’t really matter right now.


All in all I guess you can say the Initiative was a success.

The Chitauri wreaking havoc in NYC

Dennis Nunèz Biologist Columbia University

Unfortunately I’m not allowed to tell you much about the work I did researching the Chitauri in the aftermath of The Incident. Between the NDA’s, and how classified the intel is, I’d be looking at losing everything I’ve worked my entire life for, plus prison time if I told you everything that I know.

However, I can obviously tell you somethings, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do this interview at all.

The Chitauri are an alien species, larger in terms of height and bulk than the average man. They are bipedal, and have two arms, and two legs. In a lot of ways they are humanoids, but with an almost reptilian appearance. Appearance is really all they share with reptiles however, as my research didn’t reveal any evidence of them being cold blooded.

All of the specimens we recovered, or that I studied at least were male, so I am unable to speak to any possible sexual dimorphism, or reproductive needs et. cetera.

The apparent interconnectivity they shared was not naturally occurring, but that’s all I can say, you understand?

I, rather unfortunately was not given the privilege of studying any of the Leviathan creatures, which appeared to be an entirely different, highly intelligent species. Any information regarding them is even more highly protected than those regarding the Chitauri.

Someday we may gain that knowledge, but for now, the powers that be have it locked away.

Kevin Heinz: Damage Control Spokesperson

Damage Control did as good a job as anyone could have given the unprecedented circumstances we were working under. Not only did we have to recover, collect, categorize, ship, and store, nearly two thousand tons of alien objects, we also had to deal with the “run of the mill” debris from New York City skyscrapers.

All this, while working in the most famous city in the world with the New York media breathing down our necks, and hundreds of pissed off scrappers who lost their jobs to “Big Government” and a billionaire, who by the way was involved in creating the mess that had disrupted millions of lives.

Did we make mistakes? Yes absolutely, but we were in uncharted waters, nobody, well nobody reasonable at least, could have expected us to do any better than we did.

Pepper Potts: CEO Stark Industries Archived Interview Footage 

“Absolutely not, there are absolutely no scenarios where Tony Stark himself, and, or any employees of Stark Industries colluded with any aliens, or Loki, during the events involved, or preceding the Battle of New York. There will be no further questions at this time. Thank you.”

Many people blamed Tony Stark for the Battle of NY, and his involvement with Damage Control spawned many conspiracies in the aftermath

Adam Jones: Host,  InfoSkirmishes 

Yes I have heard that liberal garbage that Damage Control loves to spout out, and yes I have heard the denials from Tony Stark himself, and those from his girlfriend, and yes I’ve even read all of those documents leaked by Black Widow, and they all confirm one thing.

The New World Order is real and it is here, and they are coming for you, they are coming for me, and they are coming for all of our children.

Come on! Did they seriously expect us to believe that line of B.S. they kept feeding us?

The government just needed an excuse to create another Cabinet position, and who better to help them than their best friend Tony Stark?

Here’s another thing? How can we be sure the attack was even real? I’ve reviewed the tapes, and not just the tapes they let regular people like you see. I’ve gotten my hands on some very secret and very classified tapes, from sources way up in the government, and those “Chitauri” all just stopped attacking as soon as the “portal” EMANATING FROM STARK TOWER dispersed.

Also, what was the payload Stark was carrying into that portal? Where’d he get that from?

All you sheep can ridicule me, you can call me crazy, but guess what?

I’ve seen the future, and I know what’s coming, the Avengers are just the army of the New World Order, the Masons, and the Bilderberg group, and I will not rest until everyone knows the truth!

The Incident was most certainly an inside job, perpetrated by S.H.I.E.L.D with the help of their lap dog the U.S. Government with the help of their lap dog Tony Stark. Anyone who doesn’t believe that is a GOD DAMN FOOL.

Ben Phillips: CEO New York Bulletin 

Yes, I’m in the newspaper business, but first and foremost I’m a businessman, and let me tell you something that NOBODY talks about when they discuss The Incident, it changed the media forever.

This was a catastrophic event in the most famous city in the entire world, buildings were collapsing, hundreds died, thousands were injured,we Earthlings realized we weren’t the strongest civilization out there, and we have honest to God super heroes fighting off aliens. And you know what? Almost every second of it was recorded for all to see.

If this were an action blockbuster it’d have grossed billions of dollars, but this was real life, and you better believe everyone posted their story to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and whatever else you can think of.

Now, whenever there’s some catastrophe, doesn’t matter if it’s an earthquake, hurricane, you name it, you can bet on two things. People are going to blame the Avengers for it, and the people there will have their phones out, hoping for their fifteen minutes.

Logan Summers: Student NYU

I grew up in New York, and have lived here my entire life. If you ask me we owe the Avengers an unpayable debt.

They were two secret agents, but normal people, a rich genius in a suit he owned, the OG superhero, an alien (a very humanlike, handsome alien, but still an alien), and a scientist with severe anger management issues.

They had no duty to protect us, but they did. They risked their lives fighting against a literal army of aliens.

I was one of those people that wasn’t able to be evacuated. My mom was at work, and I hid under my bed when the police officers came. But I saw everything.

I saw Iron Man in the skies surrounded by aliens. I saw the Chitauri flying through the air blasting away at soldiers and civilians. I saw the Hulk crush the Leviathans with his bare hands. I saw Captain America get blown out of a bank, and get up and start fighting again.

What the Avengers did for us was incredible, and the city of New York wouldn’t be here without them.

The Sokovia Accords are absolute bullshit, they’ll just prevent our heroes from saving us the next time evil comes knocking.


All images courtesy Marvel Studios. 

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