The Perfect Song

Music is pretty cool.

Now, I’m no aficionado or anything like that. Nor am I able to claim anything even approaching musical talent, in anyway whatsoever.

But I am able to appreciate when a song is truly remarkable, and I’m definitely able to appreciate the way music can evoke feelings and emotions in a way that nothing else really comes close to matching.

I’ve long held a theory that while “the” perfect song cannot exist, “a” perfect song can. I don’t know if that makes sense, so please, allow me to explain to you what makes a perfect song.

First and foremost, and I’d imagine this could have probable gone without saying, a song must at least be good before it can be considered perfect. It doesn’t have to be objectively good however.

The most important quality of a perfect song however is that it must exist in its best form. If you were to hypothetically change anything about the song, from title to performer, to even instruments used, said change must make the song worse, otherwise it wouldn’t be perfect.

Honestly, that’s basically it.

In order for a song to be perfect it has to be something you consider good, and it has to get worse if anything about it was changed. And its all subjective!

For example, War Pigs is objectively a better song than Paranoid, but it is also further away from being perfect. At least to me.

War Pigs is too long, especially in the middle, and I think that it’d be a little bit better if like 30 seconds to 1 minute of solos were cut out.

Another instance is that anything by Rush can’t be perfect because if someone besides Geddy Lee was singing it’d be way better.

My perfect song is House of the Rising Sun by The Animals, if literally anything about it was changed, it would get worse.

A perfect song can make you jam out, it can make you laugh, it can make you deliriously happy or depressingly sad, all that matters it that it is perfect to you.

So… that’s it really. I’ve never actually used my blog as a real blog before so I don’t really know what to say now.

Uh… XOXO Gossip Girl?

Feels weird…..

Got it!

You’re still here? The post is over. X out of the page…

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  1. I’m just gonna leave this one here, for reference purposes.


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