Dear Tom Hiddleston: A Love Letter

How I Learned to Stop Being A Hater and Love Tom Hiddleston
Dear Tom,
Can I call you Tom? I haven’t known you long, yet in some ways it feels like we’re old friends. What can I say about you that hasn’t already been said? You are the odds on favorite to become the next James Bond, your eyes have launched a million heart emojis, and don’t even get me started on that voice. And those impressions? Oh man, are they funny.
Do you have your flaws? Of course, who doesn’t? I’m sad to admit that at first, I didn’t like you at all Tom. In fact, I was…. a hater. Yeah, I’ll admit it. I found Loki boring and bratty, your impressions dull, and the idea of you as James Bond laughable. Like I said, I’m not proud of it.

Ever since your ill fated romance with Taylor Swift (and listen man, I get it) I’ve reevaluated my opinions on you. I rewatched Thor, and finally watched Thor: The Dark World. Both were as bland and boring as I remembered/anticipated, save for one lone bright spot, You.

Tom Hiddleston the Riddleston, your turn as Loki is magnetic, engaging, charismatic, and by far the best part of two very middling movies. Further to your credit, you are still the best villain in the MCU, and you aren’t even a proper villain anymore.

Now, I freely admit that I want Idris Elba as the next James Bond, but after watching (most) of The Night Manager,  I have realized that you’d be the perfect choice as well. You are boundlessly smooth and entertaining, and over the course of the first four episodes I have gone from a borderline fan of, to an avid admirer of yours.

Tom, you are talented, funny, engaging, handsome and wonderful. Your blue eyes are the color of glaciers and freedom, your smile is at the same time charming and a curiosity. You are simply said, a wonderful dude.  I’m so glad you’re headlining Kong Skull: Island and look forward to seeing every movie you’re in from now on.

With Love,


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