Dear Tom Hiddleston, A Love Letter Redux

Dear Tom,

It has been years since last I wrote you, and yet, time has done nothing to dilute my love. The years have merely served as a fertile soil for it to grow. So much has happened since my last letter.

I finished watching The Night Manager (several times now actually), Kong Skull Island has come out, and you’re no longer the leading contender to play James Bond, in fact, it seems as though that ship may have even set sail. Yet, it seems your star has never been brighter.

You’ve reprised your most famous role, Loki of Asgard, several times since my last letter, adding even more magnetism and charm to a character overflowing with both. You’ve managed to turn getting killed off in one of the biggest movies of all time into a multi-season long eponymous series for the character.

Despite some… issues with the show, none can deny your Loki remains one of the brightest spots of the MCU. The charm, the effortless chemistry with whomever you share the screen, the self-loathing, the pain, the hope, all paint a delightful character.

But there’s more to you than Loki, I know there is.

Tom, what I want, what I need, is you rocking those beautiful golden retriever like natural locks of yours, in something, anything really.

I’d love another slow burn espionage thriller, or maybe some sort of detective thing, but I’d settle for anything really. Another King Kong movie? Sure! A romcom starring you and pretty much anyone? Why not?!

But, go with me here, you have the charm, you have the looks, you have the style, what we need from you my friend, is a heist movie. Picture it, you the debonair conman pulling off effortless heists left and right, you get commissioned to pull off a bank robbery, something goes wrong, you’re double crossed, and we are off!

Tom I support you whatever you choose, but please, make the right choice.

Employ those brilliant eyes, as blue as the skies on their clearest day, use that smile, which sparkles as if made of gems, and dial up the charm, all in service of stealing a lot of stuff.

No matter what, know this, whatever you are in, I will be watching.

With Love,


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