Who’s Putting Coffee Grounds in the Disposal? An Investigate Report

Captain America: Civil War is the third Captain America movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie follows the Avengers as they deal with the repercussions of their actions from the earlier MCU movies, and some of the events from the opening sequence of this one. The two most important Avengers (Iron Man, and Captain America) have a disagreement over how best to deal with their actions, and this disagreement eventually leads to a battle at an airport. The film ends with a tragic, and alarming revelation, and the apparent separation of the Avengers. This film has huge implications for the future of the MCU, and raises a variety of important questions. What’s going to happen when the two groups meet back up in Avengers: Infinity War? What’s going on with Bucky now that he’s frozen in Wakanda? Will Tony give Cap back his shield?

And, most importantly, “who’s putting coffee grounds in the disposal?”

The Scene 

Secretary of Defense Ross has presented the Sokovian Accords to the Avengers, he’s told them they have several days to sign the Accords, or else they’ll have them forced upon them regardless. The Avengers are discussing the pro’s and con’s of signing the Accords, Captain America and Falcon are staunchly opposed to signing, while War Machine, Black Widow, and the Vision are for it. Iron Man is reflecting, and “nursing an electric-magnetic headache”, so he’s remained silent for most of the discussion. He get’s up to make himself a pot of coffee, and realizes that someone has been putting coffee grounds in the disposal in the sink. He asks the perpetrator to reveal themselves,  but when nobody immediately fesses up he moves on to discuss the Accords.

Now, Iron Man is obscenely rich, at least a multihundred-billionaire, and has used some of this money to build the Avengers a massive compound/living space, for them to train and live in peace, away from the public eye. He comes here to discuss an important event, and finds out that someone is disrespecting what’s he built for them.

The Suspects

Everyone that was present at the time is a suspect in this investigation.

Sam Wilson/Falcon
Steve Rogers/Captain America
Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch
Natasha Romanov/Black Widow
The Vision
Tony Stark/Iron Man
James Rhodes/War Machine

Now, let’s delve into the suspects a little more closely. Some can be ruled out immediately; Iron Man just got back to the compound, so he’s out, The Vision “hasn’t actually eaten anything”, so he’s out, War Machine and Falcon were in the United States Air force, which suggests to me that they value discipline and cleanliness, so I’m going to rule both of them out as well. That leaves us with Scarlet Witch, Black Widow and Captain America.

You may be thinking that Captain America was in the army so he too should be ruled out if War Machine and Falcon were ruled out for their military service, but here’s why your wrong, while Cap was technically in the army, he was never really all that disciplined, and he spent most of his time after boot camp either raising money for war bonds, or running missions on his own. Additionally, since he was frozen in time, he isn’t all that familiar with modern technology, and could possibly have mistakenly put coffee grounds in the disposal. However, Captain America is very honorable, so I really doubt it’d be him. He would almost assuredly clean up any mess he made in it’s entirety and wouldn’t want to make life difficult for anyone else, so after some thought he’s out.

There isn’t really any evidence that would prove or disprove Black Widow’s guilt, however as a spy, she wouldn’t do anything that would draw attention to herself. To me this includes things like making a mess that could potentially require the replacement of a disposal. So Black Widow is no longer a suspect.

This leaves us with the our final suspect, and the most likely perpetrator of this crime. Scarlet Witch. She is young (how young I have no idea, but they constantly remind us of her youth, and Elizabeth Olsen is only 27), garbage disposals aren’t widely used in other parts of the world, she doesn’t really like Tony Stark all that much, and given the fact that many eastern European countries have a high rate of coffee consumption per capita, she is likely to consume a lot of coffee herself.

So who’s been putting coffee grounds in the disposal? Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlett Witch.

4 thoughts on “Who’s Putting Coffee Grounds in the Disposal? An Investigate Report

  1. And in the beginning of Civil War what drink is she calmly swirling while discussing mission parameters amongst teammates in Lagos?! Coffee! What a good and fun article 😀


  2. Thanks for the feedback. A poster on reddit actually pointed that out as well, so the evidence is even more compelling than I realized hahaha


  3. Thank you! This has been bugging me for nearly a year now so it's nice to finally have some sense of closure. lol


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