Hot Take: Jim and Karen are the True Power Couple of the Office

Chances are you’ve at least heard of NBC’s hit workplace sitcom, The Office. If you’ve heard of it and seen at least five episodes, chances are you know about one of the best couples in TV history. Jim and Pam were made for each other and Jim knew this right from the start, he bought her a ring only one week after he started dating her. We all hated Roy and were relieved when him and Pam called off the engagement, only to be even more irritated when they started seeing each other again. Jim leaves Scranton for Stamford and meets a women named Karen, who ended up just being a minor distraction (or nuisance for us who wanted to see Jim and Pam together). We all knew Karen wouldn’t last long with Jim at all, they weren’t compatible.

Fact: Jim and Karen would have been a very successful couple if their characters were to have continued dating. This may be tough for you to swallow, I wouldn’t have believed it myself after watching the series. However, after watching The Office completely on six separate occasions it became very apparent to me that Pam was a dud. In one hand you have Jim, a guy who has dreams that take him outside of a regional paper company. A guy that said “BFD, engaged ain’t married” and went for it. A guy who showed his support for his wife and her dreams throughout the entire series. In the other hand you have Pam, a women who doesn’t know what she wants out of life. A women who seems to have no real desire to move up in the world. A women who is reluctant to give the same support her husband gives her.
Lets compare Pam and Karen. Karen is straightforward with what she wants in life. Once she met Jim, she knew that she wanted him and she made that very clear. She played her cards right and got the man, even though he longed for the girl back in Scranton. This is something Pam was never good at. It was clear to all of us watching that Pam was interested in Jim, we saw it was clear to her that she was interested in Jim on poker night. She didn’t pull the trigger because she was afraid of the change that would come. Karen knew when to shoot her shot, and she got buckets.
Jim supported all of his wife dreams, he knew she liked art and he persuaded her to take classes in New York so that she could better herself and do something she actually enjoys. Pam took these classes only after showing some resistance at first (because she’s afraid of any change). Jim put huge efforts into making sure he still maintained a steady relationship by traveling two and a half hours to see his girl. He thought of the idea of getting the worlds smallest bluetooth so they can talk throughout the day without getting caught. The guy even has to sneak around behind his wife’s back in order to buy a house for them so they can raise a family, Pam ended up loving the house. This is all great stuff, but what did Jim ever do for Karen? Sadly, not much. He even left her stranded in New York, but this is only because he had Pam on the back of his mind. Had she not gotten in the way I have no doubt that the two of them would be fully supportive of each other. Karen was a go-getter, she became Regional Manager in the Utica branch. Keep in mind she did this while she was pregnant and continued to be manager after she had children. She had what Pam did not, ambition. Ambition is something Jim made very clear he had, Pam noticed this when she said “The thing about Jim, is when he’s excited about something, like the Office Olympics, he gets really into it and he does a really great job. But the problem with Jim is that he works here, so that hardly ever happens.”
Pam was never nearly as supportive of Jim as he was to her. When Jim wanted to start his own company “Athlead” based in Philadelphia, Pam made it clear that Jim was being a burden by starting the company. Granted, he did have kids when he started the company, but he was following his dreams and bringing in extra cash by working two jobs. There was very little support here but I do believe that Karen, being the go-getter that she is, would have little opposition to Jim pursuing this career.
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Jim went all in when it came to Pam, but she would often find herself folding. This never bothered Jim, but he could have had it much better with a more supportive wife at his side. It is also worthwhile to note that Pam is taller. And she has bigger breasts too. But I think Karen has a prettier face. Well, I mean, Pam’s face is really pretty too. It’s a very tough call.

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